Why is OBD

1. Comparison
OBD compare with sensor + magnet
S/N Description OBD Sensor + magnet
1 relaibility relaible base on the installation
2         design difficult simple
3 cost expensive cheap
4 aesthetic beautiful urgly
5 installation easy not easy to find the position
6 interference maybe if not good design and testing no
7 rejection rate < 0.5% >8%, mainly from  installation
8 Maintenance no easy to drop especialy when washing the car
2.The reason of they use sensor + magnet
① Simple, no need to go overseas to check canbus information.
② As the point mainly from the installation, the producer will not     take responsibility. ( not quality problem, they thought)
③Beautiful or not: they don’t care
④ Maintenance: drop or remove position, they don’t care, it is not qualtiy problem.
3. Woden insisit OBD solution
● the information get from canbus is the most reliable and  stable way.
● installation: simple, no any uncertain.
● save energy: with canbus information, our products can be dormant, dark currence < 1mA, but sensor will be more than 8mA. With sensor, maybe more than 10 days, the battery will be out of power.
● more function: with canbus information,we can design more functions, more safety.
 4. About the interference
● interference: maybe, as it will get information from canbus, if not good design and testing, may interference the car system. But for Woden products,we have good design: only ready information, no wirte, no any input to car system. So it is safe. Even as this, Woden spent a lot of time and cost to go overseas to test each model.
● canbus information is the most reliable and stable way, this already approved by CD, navigator, HUD, no any doubt of this.
● till now we do not find any interference for any model.
● we only find some model the OBD not work, then we need recheck canbus information and software.

5. Why not sensor+magnet
● Woden use sensor+magnet way 3 years before, it has been approved: it is a bad way, rejected rate > 8%.
● why uncertain:
       - position uncertain, any place of the door can be.
       - stick well or not: uncertain.
       - you can not sure your dealer’s worker, final installator,    every one will be very careful and experience.
        - you can not sure it will not drop or remove the positon when washing car, or with high and low temperature.
● if sensor remove or drop, nobody will admit it is  their  problem, but they will insist it is a qualtiy problem.
——Failure examples
Like below pictures, it is a mess. They stick sensor in any place they want. And stick by tap

Like below pictures, it is easy to drop, remove the position during the customer wasing the car.

 Like below pictures, it is urgly, the line is easy be broken.
And somebody stick the sensor to nerby the hinge. But if as this, you need open the door a to wait sensor work. That mean, when you open the door, you need wait the running board.

In conclusion, Canbus (OBD) way is the best, reliable and safe way for power side step, no any doubt !