Single or double motor

Single or double motor

1. Normal structure 


As some model the distance is big (more than 1.2m), then the gap on the idler side will be little biger than motor side.Then they use double motor. 

X brand: they use 2 motors, like 2 person to carry the board.And the most important is their motor is very small, single one can not lift the board! 

2. Woden Solution
① special design of bracket to decrease the gap. Similar solution as Range Rover Vogue, even the distance is 1.4M, it work well. 
 We use 3 brackets to keep them in balance. Keep motor bracket in the middle.Such as Hilux revo. 
3.Disadvantages of double motor
①nobody can assue the 2 motor in same speed. Normaly, the tolerance is -+1RPM, that mean there are 2 rpm difference, total 1.4s, it means: 2/60*1.4/0.38=11% difference (0.38 circle per time). This means 1 motor work 11%   more than another.
②installation will be very complicate, because 1 motor faster than another.
③ECU and motor easy to be broken. As 1 motor stop but another still work.
④Power consumer bigger.
     So, using double motor is not the way to solve the problem.
The only way is:
1)Decrease the distance;
2)better design of bracket;
3)control the machining tolerance;
These are what Woden already done and work well.