With sincerity, it starts with customer demand; With good faith, our customers are satisfied

    1. Install and test for customer
    2. Technical conduct guidance for using as customer’s requirement
    3. Ensure the parts and accessories in time
    4. Responsible for maintenance service
    5. The product is carried out "three packs" policy, namely the repair, the package change, the retreat
    6. Deal with customers' letters and visits and answer clients' inquiries. At the same time, we will solicit customers' opinions on the quality of products in various ways, and improve them according to the situation.
    We may not be able to guarantee that every transaction is perfect, but we absolutely guarantee the interests of all customers! You have any problem, please contact us, we will solve the rest.
National service hotline: 400-928-0288
    Unified after-sales telephone: 18168817066/15155397175 (WeChat with mobile phone number)